Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Things On My Mind

Tonight’s RCIA class is about Marriage and we are asked to bring our spouse/significant other. I managed to get a sitter so Damion could go with me since he usually is the one watching the kids. It should be an interesting evening and I’m looking forward to it!


The last few days I’ve been thinking about inviting my family to the Rite of Election and to the Easter Vigil Mass. I’m not sure if I should invite them to both or just Easter Vigil... I’m not sure if they’ll even agree to come. My mom is not one who likes to miss the “big things” in our lives but considering the way she feels about this, she may decide she simply cannot attend. In addition, I have the task of asking her to sign an affidavit stating that I was previously baptized. I have no certificate of baptism and the pastor who baptized me is living somewhere in California. The church I was baptized in fell apart so any records would likely be lost, if there were any to begin with. My mom does not recall having a certificate. I don’t think she can even recall the date I was baptized. If she refuses, I’ll need to seek out another witness... I pray my mom will simply agree to sign it.


Yesterday, I listened to the story of Fr. John Corapi. What an amazing and beautiful story! He was born into a Catholic family but did not understand the faith when he was young. Always seeking to “be somebody”, he became a Hollywood millionaire and got addicted to cocaine only to find himself broken and destitute. He eventually found healing in God’s mercy, was called to return to the Catholic faith and became a priest! His story is a perfect example of God’s healing love for us. You can get a copy for a small donation (as little as $1) on


May God bless you this day!



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