Friday, May 25, 2012

Five years

It's been just over five years since I came into the Catholic Church. Every once in a while, someone contacts me after reading this blog and thanks me for sharing my journey as they are either searching or converting themselves. Then, there are those who still try to get me to see the error of being Catholic. While their intentions are good and I understand where they come from, having been there once myself, I find they are often ignorant of what the church actually teaches and far too prideful to open their hearts to what the scripture they love actually says. God remains in a box where they decide what God would or would not do... Where their interpretations put limits on his power and greatness.

As a Catholic, I know there are depths of understanding I'll never reach. It's a beautiful, complex tapestry of truth that continuously proves the love and greatness of God... a mystery that leaves one in awe yet leaves intrigue in our hearts that sustains our need for faith.

Five years later and I have no regrets. I love being Catholic. I am ever-grateful to God for guiding me to his church and for not abandoning me in my time of need.