Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Stem Cells from Amniotic Fluid

New stem cell research has found that stem cells can be found in amniotic fluid. This is great news because we will able to get these cells without harming and destroying embryos.

Unfortunately, our culture has so long forgotten the sanctity of life that many people are still planning to push for embryonic stem cell research.

If they can get stem cells by means that do not disregard the unborn, why in the world do they need to continue to push for embryonic stem cell research? Are they really looking for cures or are they just pushing they’re agendas?

What’s in it for these proponents of embryonic stem cell research? Money. Many politicians are going to feel the pressure of money to continue voting in destructive directions despite new research.

Many are going to look for ways to criticize this new research in order to justify a continuation of the killing of embryos. They’ll agree that the new discovery is “useful” but that it cannot replace embryonic stem cells... and they will press on.

As Catholics and as Christians, we are called to protect life. For years, our society has been pushing us to devalue human life by way of abortion and euthanasia. This is destructive and we cannot continue to turn a blind eye to it. What will our children have to fight if we do not fight now?

As individuals, we may feel as if we cannot change anything... but together, we can all make a difference.

What will you do to protect our future and the sanctity of life?

What will I do?

CNS: Amniotic-fluid stem cells hailed as another alternative to embryo use

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