Friday, August 11, 2006

RCIA Changes

Thankfully, Damion came with me to RCIA last night so my nerves were a bit calmer but I was still fairly nervous. Nevertheless, the particular RCIA class that I attended last night was quite contrary to my understanding of RCIA. I knew a little bit going in but thought I'd check it out to be sure. I'm tentatively planning to go through RCIA at another parish that will start in the middle of September but since I've really enjoyed the Mass at this other parish, I thought I'd check out their program.

It's pretty much "open-door" to anyone (Catholic or not-yet-Catholic) and it's year-round. There didn't seem to be any formality or schedule of topics, no sponsors, no sign-up... I suppose this could be beneficial to some people but I've decided that this parish's style of presenting RCIA is not going to be very effective for me.

So, I have another month or so before I will begin RCIA at the original parish I was going to attend. I have to sign up at the end of August but they are already locating a sponsor for me. Also, this parish DOES have a children's religious education program that meets at a day and time that my works with my schedule... I suppose this is my open door. Though this was not the door I wanted, I believe it's where God has led me, so how can I argue with that?


  1. The Holy Spirit is guiding you. He will guide you to the place He wants you. There are some great RCIA programs and others that aren't so good. I hope that the RCIA you do end up attending is one of those great ones!

    If you ever need anything just browse through my websites or ask:

  2. Anonymous7:08 PM

    It looks like everything is working out fine. Like Moneybags said in the comment above, just let the Holy Spirit lead you.