Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We're Back/Changing Parishes

The kids and I had a great time camping. The mornings at the campground were awesome... nice and cool with hundreds of butterflies in the meadow. We spent some time at a little lake, where they were able to get some swim time in. Trinity and I enjoyed the ladybugs that flew in abundance around the shady parts of the lake. We didn’t have a dull moment the whole time and my legs still hurt from all the walking we did. I may try to post some photos in the next couple of days.

On another note, I’m considering a move to another parish. I love the people I’ve gotten to know at my current parish but I want to find one that is more orthodox, especially if my children are going to be going through religious education. It is very important to me that they learn orthodox Catholicism. I believe that failing to promote orthodox Catholicism leads to the “protestantizing” of parishes and contributes to the common misconceptions about Catholicism by non-Catholic Christians. It is essential that children learn the faith the way it’s intended, not based on someone’s “off” interpretation of things.

Do these people not listen to Catholic radio and EWTN? How could they not know that they are slowly slipping from orthodoxy?

It’s interesting to me that some people see this viewpoint as being too conservative and even go so far as to label me a fundamentalist but the reality is that it’s NOT okay to alter the rubrics of the liturgy of the Mass. It’s not okay to do the consecration with children behind the altar. It’s not okay to attribute error to God or his Word. And it’s not okay to teach things that are contradictory to Church teaching, especially to our children.

So, while I’ll greatly miss the people and the priests who’ve been subbing in for the pastor the parish lacks, I definitely look forward to experiencing Mass the way it’s intended and getting my children into a good CRE program. May God clearly show us where He would have us attend.

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