Monday, May 07, 2007

Dr. Francis Beckwith Comes Home

The big news the past few days is the almost "scandalous" reversion of Dr. Francis J. Beckwith, President of the Evangelical Theological Society, along with the conversion of his wife. Upon hearing the news, my first thought was the joy one experiences when they come home to the Catholic Church. Second, I started thinking about all this means for him and his family.

Conversion is NOT an easy thing to do. No one converts for reasons that are not well-thought out, especially when they stand so much to lose. Being in the position that Dr. Beckwith is in, I imagine it was a very long process, accompanied by many prayers: a decision not taken lightly by any means.

Please pray for Dr. Beckwith and his family. They are under attack by those who simply do not understand. The lack of Christian charity I've been reading from some has been disheartening.

Many of us converts/reverts understand the pain associated with these attacks. But we also know the peace and blessing from God that eventually follows.

This is a time to remember that our purpose in life is to love God and follow him, wherever He takes us, whatever the cost.

Welcome home, Dr. Beckwith and family! May God bless you richly in your obedience to him!

What Dr. Beckwith says about his reversion: My Return to the Catholic Church

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