Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More Anti-Catholic Ignorance

I find it quite interesting that this guy can call his 25 years as a Catholic a "wasted experience". Never, in a million years, would I regard my experience as a non-denominational Christian a "wasted experience". This only proves how little he knows about the Catholic faith... about the history of Christianity and about the ACTUAL teachings of the Catholic Church. I find it ridiculous that he blames the Catholic Church for his ignorance of Scripture, as if his parents had no responsibility at all... nor did he himself.

And what exactly does he think the Mass is? Prayers from Scripture, readings from Scripture, hymns from Scripture, Holy Communion from Scripture.... the crucifix hanging in the center of the church to show him exactly what Christ did for him - but it's the Church's fault He couldn't see it?

I wish people like this would take the time to actually learn about the role of the Pope (or the Catholic Church) before they start publicly speaking against it. He's utterly clueless and it shows.

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