Thursday, December 14, 2006

Relativism: The New Religion

Relativism is the new religion and its members are growing in number at a rapid pace. There have been countless occasions when I have been labeled as close-minded merely for being a Christian. Of course, whenever this is brought up, I simply turn it back around.

"Why are you more open-minded than I am simply because you reject Christianity?"

It is one thing to be tolerant of the beliefs of others... to allow each person to seek truth and allow them their God-given free will to believe whatever they want to. It is quite another thing to claim that truth exists for each person individually... and to claim that there is no truth that is applicable to all people. I believe the doctrine of relativism is one of Satan's greatest tools. It allows him to darken the minds of believers and non-believers alike.

Absolute truth is something that is universally true regardless if anyone believes it is true. Many make ridiculous claims that absolute truth exists within each individual... that each person has his OWN absolute truth. Of course, these people do not understand the definition of absolute truth. They will say things like, "Absolute truth is relative." Huh?

And 2+2=5 (at least for me)!

Many will also say that if you claim to know the truth (within religion for example), you are imposing YOUR truth on other people and you are being intolerant or close-minded. Ironically, this makes relativists intolerant of religion. Although I'm not sure why it matters, since truth is relative, right?

Let's examine some basic statements here:

"There are no absolutes."
"Every truth is relative."
"No one knows what truth is."
"It is wrong for someone to impose his/her morals or truth on me."

Does anyone notice something about these statements? They are ALL absolute statements! They are all claiming a "truth" that there is NO truth or that truth is relative! Every statement is completely self-contradictory!

I don't know a single person who wouldn't be completely outraged at someone stealing from their home. But if everyone's truth is whatever they make it, then I could say, "For me, it's acceptable to rob my neighbor whether he likes it or not because what is true for me is I want and should have his stereo system." No one is going to respond with, "I think it's great this guy exercised his free will and his understanding of truth. He can come back any time and take whatever he wants!" If truth were relative, we’d all be in a heap of trouble in this world... and this makes relativism MUCH more imposing on others than any religion!

The problem? Many are coming to a wider acceptance of this viewpoint every day, using it to justify wrong actions in order to avoid being held accountable.

So, what if I believe with my whole heart and soul that 2+2=5? People will believe I'm crazy and they'll show me logically that this is not true... but what if I cannot be convinced? Does this statement become true? Not at all! Truth is truth even if I don't believe it... even if NO ONE believes it!

In my next post, I'll write about relativism within Christianity... Yep, it's found there too!

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